And it showed in his body language: frequent head turns to the side when lying to his son, frivolous gesticulating, as if trying to explain, coupled with the pensive energy he maintains through it all (Wood). All of this offers a nice contrast to when he chooses to tell the boy something affectionate or important:… Read More

Women who wanted abortion claimed to have certain health issues wherein the physicians give their suggestion considering there is a need to prioritize the health of the mother (Joy, 1985).  Child brides in Third World countries are of very high risk in pregnancy that ma result to death or suffering of the mother (Joy, 1985).… Read More

The Pro-Life Action League a non profit pro-life organization claimed that killing an unborn child is wrong and would be justified regardless of whatever circumstances or decisions it was done by the mother (Giubilini & Minerva, 2013). Pro-Life Action League added that killing an unborn child to avoid hardship is to kill a toddler to… Read More

Italians are well known for using hand gestures as part of their communication. This is reflected much in Guido’s animated character. A kinesics evaluation would tell us his sunny disposition, given all the ‘happy’ movements he makes, to the point of being rather cartoonish. Regardless, his hand gestures reflect what he says, and sometimes betray… Read More

Intelligent and conscious-wise decisions about their lives and their families. Women deserve to use their autonomy to acquire dignity of the act in accordance to their personal convictions and to decide whether it is best for their lives and families. Women should be trusted and respected to use the choices they wanted to their bodies… Read More

At one point of the story, Uncle Eliseo mentioned that “silence is the most powerful cry,” and the movie verifies this truth over and over. Talk is talk, but the subtext is always genuine; much like Guido sugarcoated the war to look like a game, the Nazi faction glossed over the war to make it… Read More